About Us

Are you interested in medical marijuana? Are you trying to find a place to go with doctors you can trust? Do you need to get your medical marihuana card? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then we can help you. We are the American Medicinal Marijuana Association and we provide clients with a friendly, safe, and private place where they can learn more about medical marijuana. Give us a call at 248-277-2482 to find out more about what we offer and to schedule your appointment. We are open every day from 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm. We can help you obtain your medical marijuana card and provide you with pharmaceutical grade medications that are affordable. We have counselors and an attorney on staff to meet your health and legal needs. The American Medicinal Marijuana Association is located at 6782 East 14 Mile Road in Warren, MI and we serve clients in the greater region.

At the American Medicinal Marijuana Association, we understand how difficult it may be to obtain a medical marihuana card if you don’t know how. Our organization is here to provide you with all the information you need in a confidential setting. We offer medical therapy consultations and legal protection services so that you get the marijuana you need for your condition without hassle. Our counselors are experienced and knowledgeable about marijuana and provide information without any judgment. We understand the needs of our clients at the American Medicinal Marijuana Association.

For more information on how to receive a medical marijuana card, contact us at the American Medicinal Marijuana Association. We can assist anyone in or around Warren, MI. We have an orientation program and learning center for anyone who wants to learn more. Give us a call at the American Medicinal Marijuana Association today.

American Medicinal Marijuana Association